Meet the Owner

Claire E Braddock, NLC, CNA

  • Certified Colorado Dementia Care Specialist

  • Counseling Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Nurse Aide


Claire is passionate and energetic with a combined 15 years of professional experience in counseling and nursing. Specificly trained in dementia care with strong clinical abilities that have supported her successful career in both healthcare and psychotherapy, she is proactive and organized with a passionate commitment to first-rate person-centered care. Licensed in Colorado with expertise in elderly, dementia and the physically disabled.  Constantly striving to build upon an already successful career, Claire currently continues her educational studies in preparation for the Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant (CHPNA®) exam. 


Patricia Y.

Claire's first priority has always been what she affectionately refers  to as her "cares" (care receivers). Her respect and love for the elderly or disabled, serve her well in building rapport and trust with her  "cares".  She is a natural with this population.  When only a loving word or touch can help, calm or assure those in her care, Claire excels.  She has an uncanny sensitivity and patience with those who entrust her with their care. (2017)

Mary M.

Claire's compassionate heart is what makes her stand out above the rest. Backing her quality of care is education and knowledge of her expertise. (2015)

Lydia S.

A good praying freind (2014)

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Private Pay Home Care for Elderly Seniors in Montrose, Delta and Ouray, Colorado.

BCHH  services do not require a doctor’s order; however, clients in a hospital or skilled nursing facility can request direct private care on their own to avoid being discharged to another care provider.

Our services are available to adults who make arrangements for individualized care and private payment for services.      

"My Aunt needed a little more extra help than what we could give her. BCHH accomodated our needs"

Our services can be paid by any person, company trust officer or family member that is not otherwise covered by private insurance, workman’s compensation, etc.   

We charge a variable rate based on the type of service needed, when it is provided, and where it is delivered.  There are no costs for consultations and "non-medical" assessments.  Costs are worked out and discussed with clients prior to commencement of service.  

Carepathways Nurses Choice for Home Health Care in Montrose, Colorado

Unlike traditional in-home care services, Black Canyon Home Health, LLC private pay home care provides one-on-one nursing aide services.  BCHH private pay care partners are trained, certified and licensed in the state of Colorado. We offer qualified care in the comfort of a person's own home, or in a facility such as a hospital, memory care unit or nursing home. BCHH private pay home care let loved ones live at home while receiving the care they require. They compliment traditional in-home caregivers and give family members extra peace of mind.