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If someone has been "diagnosed" as having dementia, something's not right already because you don't get a diagnosis of dementia.  When you have dementia you have a syndrome; a collection of symptoms.  

What it means to have DEMENTIA

To have dementia means:  

  1. Two parts of the brain are dying
  2. It cannot be fixed or stopped
  3. It changes constantly because it is a neurodegenerative disease
  4. It is terminal


This is where there's a lot of misunderstanding.  If the brain changes are not normal or treatable, it does NOT mean that it is Alzheimer's.  Additionally, Alzheimer's Disease is not a "stage of dementia".  Dementia is an umbrella term.  There are nearly 100 different forms, causes and conditions of dementia.  It used to be thought that 80-90% of all dementias were Alzheimer's.  Now we are understanding that this just isn't true.  In fact, we are now realizing that the most missed "diagnosis" and most mis-"diagnosed" form of dementia is Lewy Body Dementia and possibly accounts for almost half of all dementias.


One of the most important phrases that needs to go with Dementia Care is Palliative Care (Comfort Care).  Dementia is more than and not just "memory problems".  Dementia in its simplest definition is brain failure.  Brain failure is a terminal illness/disease.  What we need to be looking at is Palliative Care, not Hospice Care.  Hospice Care is End of Life Care and is appropriate at the very end of the disease.  Palliative Care (Comfort Care) is what we need to be thinking about and looking at early in dementia because dementia (brain failure) is terminal.  Dementia is not an infection to which there is a cure.  There is no cure and there is no preventative immunization.
BCHH is the single leading company in the Montrose area with both Certified Colorado Dementia Care Specialists and Dementia Care Certified staff that provide a Palliative Care Program (HotepWesting™) designed exclusively for Persons with Dementia.  


BCHH stands out from the competition as most are in the broader home medical care industry as opposed to the specific industry of senior care for Persons with Dementia.  BCHH was designed to assist the Elderly and Persons with Dementia with what used to be their everyday chores. We assist the Elderly and Persons with Dementia so that they do not have to abandon the familiarity of their home or the camaraderie of their neighbors, friends and family.  

All Inclusive Dementia Care

Certified Colorado Dementia Care Specialists & Dementia Care Certified

For any loved one living with dementia, you believe the best care for your loved one is at home in familiar surroundings with less disruption in routines resulting in reduced confusion.  Like the majority of devoted family caregivers, you take on the role of providing dementia care. As a primary caregiver for someone with dementia, the effort begins to take a toll on your own physical and emotional health, family life and career. Families with the best intentions simply "burn out". Neglecting other responsibilities, lacking confidence in their care partnering skills, and resenting demands placed on your time, are a few predominate feelings experienced.  As the day-to-day demands increase, you seek respite care, but no one seems to understand the specialized needs of your loved one. 

With almost- if not more than- 100 different types of dementia, looking for providers with dementia care experience and proper specific dementia training is often challenging and frustrating.  Black Canyon Home Health, LLC recognizes the importance of understanding, supporting, and becoming a care partner to those living with dementia.

The number of men and women experiencing mild to extensive degrees of dementia is increasing and is expected to reach epidemic proportions. As dementia progresses it becomes increasing important to keep the Person with Dementia in familiar surroundings. Unfortunately, this puts a tremendous strain on the family both mentally and physically.  BCHH understands this and works closely with the Person with Dementia and family members to ensure comfort for all involved.  Black Canyon Home Health, LLC staff specialize in the unique issues of dementia.

Dementia care is often as important as healthcare, particularly when it enables a person living with dementia to remain at home. We work with you to establish safe and more comfortable environments, trusting relationships and techniques to maximize independence for as long as possible for those with dementia. Our specialized positive approach of encouragement and assistance helps family members cope with the challenges of living with dementia.

While other home care agencies may offer similar services, Black Canyon Home Health, LLC is the single leading company in the Montrose area that provides private pay home care with a Certified Colorado Dementia Care Specialist.  BCHH Certified Colorado Dementia Care Specialists meet the qualifying standards set forth by the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado Leaders in Dementia Care Program.  BCHH provides outstanding care to individuals living with dementia and counseling to the families.  

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A Palliative Care Program designed exclusively for Persons with Dementia

One of the most sensitive areas in health management is caring for a friend or loved one whose prognosis is grim.  A comfortable family home allows the loved one to spend their precious time in surroundings full of love and  memories. BCHH can help with the arrangements to make this possible. Whether as respite care to allow loved ones to take a break or as round the clock loving  care, our BCHH HotepWesting™  staff will be there with passion.  

The ancient Egytians have no actual word in their language for death.  The concept of death as we know and understand it did not exist.  The spirit transitioned to the afterlife traveling West after the setting sun. They never spoke of death, but rather of Westing.  Westing was viewed as a seamless transition where the spirit continued to exist in a higher dimensional reality.  Communication in this higher dimension of reality is via frequency where it has reached its purest form, on a heart-to-heart basis, promoting a resonant environment of harmony, peace and prosperity –as defined by the word, Hotep.

HotepWesting™ is:

  • Comfort Care (Heart-Centered)
  • Honoring Personal Preferences and Choices (Person-Centered)
  • Managing Pain, Distress, Anxiety, Fear and Discomfort
  • Identifying and Seeking to Meet Social, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Needs
  • Letting Go of FIXING and MOVING ON to COMFORTING 

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The HotepWesting™ Palliative Care Program is designed exclusively for Persons with Dementia and is a registered trademark of Black Canyon Home Health, LLC.   All Rights Reserved.  

Competency Ethics Integrity

Leaders in Dementia Care

The Colorado Dementia Care Specialist Training Program meets the qualifying standards set forth by the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado Leaders in Dementia Care Program.  


The HotepWesting™ Palliative Care Program is designed exclusively for Persons with Dementia and is a registered trademark of Black Canyon Home Health, LLC.

IPCed Certified

The Dementia Care Certification exceeds the qualifying standards set forth for the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado Leaders in Dementia Care Program.

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Private Pay Home Care for Elderly Seniors in Montrose, Delta and Ouray, Colorado.

BCHH  services do not require a doctor’s order; however, clients in a hospital or skilled nursing facility can request direct private care on their own to avoid being discharged to another care provider.  

Our services are available to adults who make arrangements for individualized care and private payment for services.  

"I needed help with dementia care at home. BCHH was the right choice."

Our services can be paid by any person, company trust officer or family member that is not otherwise covered by private insurance, workman’s compensation, etc.  

We charge a variable rate based on the type of service needed, when it is provided, and where it is  delivered.  There are no costs for consultations and "non-medical"  assessments.  Costs are worked out and discussed with clients prior to  commencement of service. 

Dementia Society of America®


The Dementia Society of America (DSA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated  to raising awareness and educating the public on a wide spectrum of  dementia-related conditions. The DSA’s mission is to enhance quality of  life for those living with dementia, caregivers, and the community. 

For more information: 1-844-DEMENTIA or 

Dementia Society of America Leadership Circle

Alzheimer's Association®

Colorado Chapter

 The Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter serves every county in Colorado through seven regional offices.

Colorado Chapter Staff 

The Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter is committed to helping service providers improve their knowledge and skills, build stronger teams and deliver better care to people with dementia and their families.  Although Leaders in Dementia Care recognizes a commitment to training staff in order to better care for those affected by Alzheimer's disease, this is not an endorsement by the Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter.

Carepathways Nurses Choice for Home Health Care in Montrose, Colorado

Unlike traditional in-home care services, Black Canyon Home Health, LLC private pay home care provides one-on-one nursing aide services.  BCHH private pay care partners are trained, certified and licensed in the state of Colorado. We offer qualified care in the comfort of a person's own home, or in a facility such as a hospital, memory care unit or nursing home.    

BCHH private pay home care let loved ones live at home while receiving the care they require. They compliment traditional in-home caregivers and give family members extra peace of mind.